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Ford R. Myers has presented to organizations of all sizes, in every field and at all professional levels. Below is a sampling of speaking topics, along with brief descriptions of each.

“On behalf of our Officers and Board Members, I would like to thank you for all your preparation for today’s seminar. It was obvious that you spent considerable time and effort to create a meaningful and informative presentation. Many of the attendees told me how much they learned from the program!”

Susan Morris, Non-Profit Professional

Click the links below to view descriptions of each career presentation:

20 Habits of Highly-Effective Job Seekers in a Down Market
You CAN find a good job in a BAD economy – but not with conventional search techniques. You need a FRESH approach! Today’s job market is the toughest since the Great Depression, and the challenges are here to stay. In this presentation, Career Coach and author Ford R. Myers reveals the 20 powerful strategies that consistently generate exceptional results for job seekers, even when no one SEEMS to be hiring!
10 Vital Strategies To Maximize Your Career Success
What if you could discover the “secrets” that determine who will reach full potential in their career, and who will not? That’s exactly what this powerful presentation will reveal. Real success is achieved not just in knowing these “insider strategies,” but in applying them in a consistent, systematic manner.

Career expert and author Ford R. Myers will show you exactly how to leverage these 10 powerful strategies and move your career forward – no matter what level you’ve already achieved in your profession, and whether you’re currently working or not!

Accomplishment Stories
Remember a time when you heard a friend or colleague tell a memorable story? You can probably still recall some details about that story long after it was shared. Good storytelling creates a vivid picture and a positive response in the listener’s mind. Accomplishment Stories are your most powerful tools to get the job offer! Without them, you have almost nothing to “sell.” When you can effectively tie your Accomplishment Stories directly to the employer’s needs and problems, you will most likely get a job offer! Many of us feel that the stories about our work lives are not interesting. Others struggle to come-up with any Accomplishment Stories at all. This seminar shows exactly how to identify and develop your own compelling Accomplishment Stories. Join us for this highly-interactive and practical “working session,” to develop your own Accomplishment Stories!
The Power of “Pull Marketing” in Your Job Search
When searching for a new job, would you rather “chase after employers,” or have employers “chasing after you?” The choice is YOURS.

Traditional job search methods include sending-out resumes, networking, applying for jobs online, attending job fairs, contacting employers and recruiters. All of these tasks fall under the heading “Push Marketing.” This is because you’re “pushing” out your message, hoping that someone will take notice.

But when employers perceive you as an expert and discover your credibility “on their own,” they’ll tend to feel “pulled” toward you and even pursue you. This is the primary benefit of “Pull Marketing.”

YOU can be known as an expert, regardless of your professional background or level. The process begins with a fundamental shift in attitude, assumptions and behavior. To succeed with “Pull Marketing,” you’ll need to:

  • Stop acting like an applicant, and start acting more like an expert
  • Stop behaving like a candidate, and start behaving like a consultant
  • Stop being a job seeker, and start being a problem solver
  • Stop making it all about you/your needs, and start making it all about them/their needs

In this unique seminar, you’ll discover the specific tactics, strategies and tools to master “Pull Marketing” in your job search and long-term career management.

Your shift to “Pull Marketing” may require some extra time and effort “up front,” but the results will be worth it. This new approach offers you greater control over the entire hiring process. Best of all, you may never have to search for another job in your life!

Compensation Negotiation: the Rules of the Game
Why is it that people have such a difficult time successfully negotiating their compensation? The reason we can’t or won’t negotiate is not because we’re incapable of doing so, but rather because we just don’t know how. No one ever taught us “the rules of the game.”

For the purposes of this presentation, we look at negotiation as a game. And as with any game, we can’t win if we don’t know the rules! This is a very practical, “real world” program that focuses on mastering the rules of the salary negotiation game – a game that can actually be fun, as well as financially rewarding!

Participants will learn how to:

  • Dramatically improve the results of their negotiations, and command much higher compensation
  • Dispel the myths and misconceptions that most candidates believe about salary negotiation
  • Position your negotiating ability as a strength and an asset to your prospective employer
  • Master the “21 Rules of the Game” in negotiating your compensation
  • Leverage the most important, yet most simple, formula to prepare for negotiations
  • Use the specific phrases and behaviors that consistently produce outstanding negotiation results
  • Align your career accomplishments with the employer’s need and problems for a “win-win” outcome
  • Successfully negotiate any and all elements of the job offer
  • Assess the real value of a job offer, and choose between multiple offers
  • Prevent the employer from using your old salary to limit your future compensation
Exploring Self-Employment Options
Maybe the employer you’re looking for is you! If you’ve always yearned for more independence, autonomy and self-expression in your work; if you’ve always believed that “you could do it better yourself;” if you want to create something great in the marketplace – then this is the workshop for you. This exciting program explores the four distinct “entrepreneurial paths,” including: (1) becoming a consultant, (2) buying an existing business, (3) buying a franchise or license, or (4) starting a business. Through a highly-interactive discussion format, participants will be provided with a host of vital questions to ponder and factors to consider. You’ll discover if self-employment is potentially right for you – and if so, which of the four models might serve you best. You’ll also leave this seminar with a clear sense of what your next steps should be in exploring your entrepreneurial potential.
Get The Job You Want, Even When No One's Hiring
Today’s job market is the toughest since the Great Depression, and many of the challenges are here to stay. Even so, you CAN get the job you want – IF you apply fresh approaches to the search. “Get The Job You Want, Even When No One’s Hiring” is a powerful seminar based on Ford Myers’ best-selling book of the same name. Attendees will learn:

  • How to land a good job in the midst of an economic crisis
  • How to address the realities of this job market with real-world, actionable steps
  • How to see this economic downturn as a positive career opportunity
  • How to seize on job opportunities that aren’t posted yet
  • How to make yourself an instant asset to potential employers
  • How to clearly stand-out as the best candidate
  • How to “recession-proof” your career for the long term
  • And much more …

Join career expert and speaker Ford R. Myers, while he maps the new world of job search and reveals essential strategies for your career success!

How to Stand-Out in a Very Competitive Job Market
The subtle differences in every step of the job search process determine who ultimately lands the job and who does not. This is especially true in a bad economy, when unemployment is high and the job market is so competitive. Learn key strategies and tools to help you in your job search. Discover tools to gain access to your target market. Delve into the critical pre-interview planning process, and learn how to properly communicate your value to prospective employers. This presentation will show you how to stand-out as the candidate of choice, and get the offer!
Interviewing for Success
Do you freeze-up at the prospect of going on a job interview? Do your hands get sweaty; your stomach in a knot? It’s a fact that better interviews get better job offers! Yet most candidates show-up for interviews totally unprepared! The key to “acing” the interview is to be fully prepared and to practice! This information-packed 1½ hour session takes the mystery – and the nervousness – out of job interviewing. Participants are walked through the interviewing process, from first contact to job offer. Attendees also learn how to effectively answer the tough questions, tips to maintain a proper attitude, and appropriate follow-up strategies.
Networking: the Core of Your Career
You’ll look at your friends, family members, even your dry cleaner in a whole new light after this 1½-hour seminar! One of the keys to managing your career effectively is to build and maintain a strong and varied network. Every job seeker – and even those who are currently employed – should carve time out of their busy schedules for networking! More important than a résumé, your network is your most valuable career asset! You’ll learn how to cultivate this often-overlooked and underdeveloped resource into a positive and dynamic tool to create long-term career success. Every networking encounter will now be treated like a business meeting, complete with a purpose, agenda and specific outcomes. By leveraging your network in the proper way, you will get the jobs you want, and maybe even have a position created for you!.
Position Yourself for the Future
You’ve landed your new job (or soon will). Congratulations! Now you can “put your feet up” and take it easy, right? Wrong! In many ways, your work is just beginning. It’s time start thinking about your future – which starts on the first day of your new job and continues through the rest of your working life.

How will your maximize your chances for success in the new job, and minimize your chances of failure? How will you offer the highest level of contribution to the new organization? How will you establish a positive and productive relationship with your new boss? How will you build strong and effective teams? How will you align with the company’s main business goals and priorities? How will you continue learning, and expanding your positive impact at work?

These questions, and others like them, could “make or break” your next position – so it’s vitally important to consider these topics “ahead of time” and prepare for the launch of the rest of your career. Don’t wait! Join us for this interactive workshop, during which we will discuss all the issues above, and set you up for success in your next position.

Re-Discovering Your Career Passion
Do you ever feel like you’ve lost touch with the enthusiasm and excitement you once felt about your career? Have you become cynical or resigned in your work-attitude? In this interactive workshop, career expert and author Ford R. Myers will help you re-discover your career passion. Through a series of enlightening and enjoyable exercises, you’ll discover how to align your current career direction with your true gifts, goals and preferences. It’s never too late to re-connect with your career passion – as long as you have the right resources and support!
Survive and Thrive: Taking Care of Your Job and Yourself During Tough Times
Dealing with all the challenges of today’s job market can be extremely difficult. We’re still facing unprecedented economic and business pressures, including:

  • Worst job market and economy in decades
  • Massive layoffs, tenuous jobs, slashed budgets
  • Higher business expectations with fewer resources
  • Greater job anxiety, pressure and stress

But once you land the job you want, what can you do to continue overcoming these challenges, and make sure the job you got becomes the job you love? What are the strategies that will make you indispensible to your new employer?

There are many proven techniques that will ensure the highest likelihood of retention in your new role. It all starts with taking care of yourself and your job – in ways you might not have thought of.

The Job Seekers' Tool Kit
This is a practical 1½ hour seminar that is designed to provide tangible solutions, with “real world” case studies and examples. We examine the specific tools you need and how to use them – not just to land the next job – but also to master the job search process and maximize your long-term career potential.
The Power Plan for Career Success
People make all kinds of New Year’s Resolutions – lose weight, quit smoking, spend more time with the family. You never hear anyone say, “I’m committed to improving my career situation this year” – whether that means finding a new job – or fixing your current one! This multi-faceted process is intended for anybody, regardless of age, experience or career level. The “New Year, New Career Power Plan” provides practical action steps you can undertake to make this YOUR year to achieve ultimate career satisfaction and success.
Transferable Skills
Perhaps you’re changing careers, or have not landed your first job yet. Maybe the industry you’ve always worked in has been shrinking, or is even disappearing. You may feel that there is “no hope” to break into a new field, or you may fear that you’ll need to take a big step down in order to change your career direction.

By understanding and identifying your transferable (portable) skills, your new career can become a reality! In this seminar, you will:

  • Complete assessments to gain clarity about your passions, talents and work values
  • Examine your work history, volunteer work, interests, hobbies and other life experiences to identify your transferable skills
  • Gain information on the top skills necessary in today’s job market
  • Examine best ways to market transferable skills through key career documents and in your presentation to potential employers
  • Learn what employers are really seeking in job candidates, and what careers are in most demand
  • Understand what constitutes a transferable skill through the eyes of an employer
  • Review John Holland’s career model to gain clarity about your personality type as it relates to the current job market
  • Learn about online resources that help you identify transferable skills, along with key industries in which to find jobs
  • Incorporate key, transferable skills into your resume
  • Utilize recommended tools to further assist with identifying and leveraging transferable skills
Who's Managing Your Career?
If you think your boss is managing your career, think again! In “the old days,” companies used to manage their employees’ careers by planning succession, offering security and guaranteeing promotions. Not anymore! Today, if you’re not managing your career, no one is! This 1½-hour session informs participants how to take responsibility for their careers and be pro-active in career management! Attendees consistently report feeling empowered and “liberated” after this training program. The content of this program focuses on shifting the job-seeker’s attitude – and concludes with concrete, logical steps to managing one’s career over the long term.
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